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18 Dec 2017

Infertility, Healing and the Gift of Baby Jesus at Christmas

By Laura Durant
There are many reasons why Christmas is special to me, many reasons why it is the second most special time of the year for me (second only to Easter). However, last year, Christmas became infinitely more special. 

The Gift of Peace in God’s Will

My husband and I began trying to have a child after a couple of years into our marriage. That was eight years ago, and we have not been able to conceive. We have been to the Vitae Clinic in Austin, Texas, which I highly recommend to anyone trying to conceive. While we were not able to become pregnant ourselves, I know many people who have through the help of this wonderful clinic. They were always very kind, always mindful of the struggle we were going through. I could go on and on about the kind and thoughtful ways in which they treated us and others struggling with infertility, but that is the subject for a different blog. After some time, and with a sense of peace from God to do so, we decided to discontinue trying to conceive (in the sense we would not focus on the days of the month I was fertile, etc.). We decided to leave whether we became pregnant or not up to God and His Will for our lives.

I still very much continue to have maternal longings, and I would be lying if I said every month when it is time for my period to begin I didn’t have a little hope this time would be different…that this time there would be a joyful surprise and I would be pregnant. The longings for a child of our own have never completely gone away, but there is a peace God has given us that there are other ways in which he would like us to live out our maternal and paternal longings.

Like all other suffering and struggles I experience in life, I’ve learned to offer this one up to God. And God, being who He is, is never outdone in generosity! Which brings me to last Christmas and the great gift He gave me....Read more on the Gift of Baby Jesus

7 Apr 2017

Gifts Not Being Used are Simply Useless

Prayer is a Gift that is Only Useful when Being Used
When I was a child, my mother would wrap every single item in our Christmas stocking. Opening each individual present was what I looked forward to the most about Christmas; I enjoyed it so much I continue that tradition today with my own children. This is how I have experienced prayer in my life — as many small gifts. The first prayer gift to be unwrapped was opening up a more frequent line of communication with God. This came after reading St. Paul’s words in 1Thessalonians 5:16-18, which reads:
“Rejoice always;
pray without ceasing;
in everything give thanks;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
After contemplating St. Paul’s words, I decided to change my self-absorbed habit 

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6 Feb 2014

What Really Happens at Holy Mass.

What Really Happens at the Holy Mass.

This is where I am happiest, at the Holy Mass.  Now I will tell you what really happens at Holy Mass.

The Lord told me some time ago, "I want you to go to Holy Mass everyday."  I thought, "O.k., I can do that."   At the time I was only going to Holy Mass once a week, an occasional day Mass but I mostly just prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  I didn't understand, but I obeyed.  Going to Holy Mass everyday required some coordination, I would have to get up earlier and find a Mass along the way to work.  Also, the Mass would have to be close enough to work that when it was finished I could still get to work on time.  I found several different permanent options, and a few back up plans if for some reason I couldn't get to my regular daily Mass.

It took about a year of going to Holy Mass daily, but then things started to change.  This was no longer an obligation, but a joy!   God started to open my eyes to what was really going on in the Holy Mass.  I was astonished at what I learned... 


Catholic Authors: Pray, Listen, Then Write

Some Catholic authors write as if they belong to a Church Beleaguered, not the Church Triumphant.  Articles tend to be either defensive ...