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18 Sep 2017

Multiple Sins Against Chastity - A Look at the Ninth Commandment

Human love demands a total self-giving of one to another within the covenant of marriage. There is no room for self-gratification, or for expressions of sexual intercourse aside from the conjugal act within marriage. For when these things happen, they are not based on love. Rather, they are based upon deception and a misuse of one’s own sexuality. Actions such as these, linked to the Ninth Commandment, diminish the dignity of all parties involved. Innately, we all know this, because God has infused within each one of us His Natural Law of right versus wrong. Yet, we still commit the sins against Chastity.

Sins Against Chastity

We know that to practice Chastity, we are to refrain from engaging in sexual relations with someone other than one’s own spouse. When we do not refrain from doing so, we commit the sins of... Read more...

3 Apr 2017

Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk - Book Review

Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk, rightfully belongs on your “Want to Read” list! In Astfalk’s third Christian fiction novel, she introduces us to two teenagers: Rachel Mueller and Paul Porter. At the beginning of the book, when Rachel and Paul meet, they are only 14 and 16, respectively. Throughout the story, we see a deep friendship blossom between the two characters. As they get to know each other, we see that friendship grow into love, young love.

Rightfully Ours deals with the virtue of chastity head on; yet in a manner that would make any teen want to be like Rachel and Paul. These two characters serve as excellent role models for teenagers coming to grips with burgeoning love and sexual desire, contrasted against all that they have been taught concerning morals and virtue.

I found Rightfully Ours...

30 Aug 2014

The 7 Most Mindblowingly Liberating Things I've Learned By Being Catholic

I finally figured out what matters.
This is it.

(1) I do not need a happy ending in life. 

The Meaning: Life isn't meant to be a fairy tale. Whether....

The Freedom: No matter how my life ends, ....

(2) How I feel about my life doesn't matter. 

The Meaning: Whether I think my life is going well or not is....

The Freedom: Less time wasted with pointlessly evaluating my life in....

(4) Even if I became a god or goddess, it wouldn't matter. 

The Meaning: Having "personal power," or realizing the greatness in my soul in order....

The Freedom: Who cares who I am?...

"Lord, when we ask you for honors, income, money or worldly things, do not hear us."
-St. Teresa of Avila

(7) Never stop asking- "How Could I Do Better?" 

The Meaning: It doesn't matter...

The Freedom: This is the annoying part...

Here's the rest of this post: "The 7 Most Mindblowingly Liberating Things I've Learned As A Catholic," Laura Paxton, Carmel Heart.

4 Mar 2014

St Casimir, Prince, 'A shining example of faith, piety, humility, and chastity'.

St Casimir, Vilnius Cathedral, Lithuania [Wikipedia]

St Casimir (3 October 1458 - 4 March 1484), whose feast day is today, 4 March, is patron saint of Poland, of Lithuania and of the young.

He was noted for his great love for the poor and for his chastity. The biographical note inThe CTS New Daily Missal says: His devotion to Our Lady was great; he was so fond of the twelfth-century hymn 'Daily, daily sing to Mary' that it is often attributed to him. The hymn - its Latin title is Omni die, dic Mariae - was written by St Bernard. You can find both the Latin and English lyrics on A note there says copy of this hymn by Bernard of Cluny was found beneath the right temple of St Casimir's incorrupt body when his grave was opened.

The biographical note in the CTS New Daily Missal describes St Casimir as A shining example of faith, piety, humility, and chastity. A priest I met in Scotland last year kindly gave me a copy of the Missal and I can recommend it to anyone. It has the prayers and antiphons of all Masses in both English and Latin and the Scripture readings are from the Jerusalem Bible.

And here is a setting of the original Latin, Omni die, dic Mariae, sung, appropriately, by a Lithuanian choir, Schola Cantorum de Regina Pacis, Klaipėda, Lithuania

26 Feb 2014

L'Chaim! To LIfe!

I’m all about symbolism.

So when we decided to give away copies of the newly released, 2nd revised edition of All Things Girl: Truth for Teens, symbolism was bound to play a role! LOL!

My decision on 18 copies is based upon the number representing “life” in Jewish teaching. That just resonates so deeply with me. I pray for great life for the book and for those who will read it.

That is why we are giving away 18 copies of All Things Girl: Truth for Teens. The link to the giveaway is on the new Facebook page being administered by one of the amazing new contributors, Heather Renshaw.

Heather is a blast. She’s a mother of five youngsters who somehow found the time to write a chapter on vocations in general and motherhood in particular. Because of her honesty and great sense of humor, I am convinced that her chapter will deeply affect the teen girls who read All Things Girl: Truth for Teens.

If you’d like to enter the contest, visit the new Facebook page, like it, share it, and good luck!

19 Feb 2014

A Steal...

When All Things Girl first came on the scene there were a lot of mixed reviews. People said things like "it is terrible; it seems homemade" to "the best book EVER for young Catholic girls." Of course, once those books went out of production (there are new ones now in print), everyone clamored for them. I suppose that's how it always goes, right? We don't know what we have until it is gone.

We are now excited to say that the newest All Things Girl book is out! In the 2014 release of Truth for Teens you are going to find the same great open and honest talk that girls love (and moms and grandmas are so appreciative of) but with fresh, new, relevant voices!

Peggy Bowes (best-selling author of The Rosary Workout and popular speaker) writes about health and fitness. Heather Renshaw, mother of 5 youngsters, somehow found the time to write about vocations in general and motherhood in particular. Kayla Brandon, a journalism major with time in at Fox and other cool places addresses the "Me" in social media. All women speak from a place of passion and experience.
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Stabbing Myself in the Heart

Christ is the only sacrifice who redeems and heals us, not our own self-inflicted suffering. I stood at the sink, pain lancing my ...