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15 Aug 2013

Pope Francis Makes Me Ashamed

I didn't feel ashamed when he said that atheists can go to heaven. I didn't feel ashamed when he said gays are okay. But I felt ashamed when Pope Francis said this:
"We cannot become starched Christians, too polite, who speak of theology calmly over tea."
Because that's me. Substitute coffee for tea, and I would happily sit and sip a tasty beverage while chatting about theology all day long.

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict didn't make me feel ashamed of myself. I could understand most of what they wrote, so I figured that made me pretty smart. I don't remember them ever saying that being smart and knowing theology just wasn't good enough. I don't remember them saying, as Pope Francis did, that we must go out and touch the poor, touch them with our own hands:

11 Aug 2013

"Go to the Devil"

Two different people recently told me to "Go to the Devil" although they didn't realize that was what they did.  One of them suggested that I tell a lie which would benefit them, the other one suggested that I tell a lie that would benefit me.  Each one of them told me in their own way to "Go to the Devil."  The demon is the Father of lies, there is NO truth in him.  When we tell lies, or entice someone to lie for us then we are using the devils tactics and are on his territory.   So congratulations, you have just shaken hands with the Devil and chained yourself to him.   Not only that, but if you have enticed someone to lie and they do it, now you are somewhat responsible for that person being chained also.  Now the demon has TWO prisoners.  

How deceptive the demon is!  He not only chains souls with something as flimsy as cobwebs, but convinces them that it is 100lb chain that they and that they can't get free.  He either tells them they can't get free or that the solution to their problem they are in is to lie again, and more often to get whatever it is they need.  

People who lie may be poor and lacking in resources, another chain of the devil ~ first get them to lie to get something, and then keep them there by making sure they appear lacking in every thing.  Or they are wealthy and are using lies to keep their wealth.  The wealthiest have the heaviest chains, because with their chains is also a steady diet of fear of losing that wealth.   This fear will breed greater sins, murder, etc.  Jesus spoke the truth, how hard it was for a rich man to get into heaven! 

No matter WHAT IT WILL COST YOU personally....DON'T LIE...not now, not ever.  If you cannot speak the silent. 

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